Monday, January 28, 2013

Where did January go?

Happy New Year everyone . . wow, where did January go?  With 2013 in full swing, I had very high hopes of having a much simpler year, with far less appointments now that Elliana has been home for over 9 months.  And - then - January - hit.  Eleven is the number of appointments and meetings we have (so far) in January.  And, with the flu being in full swing in our State, I'm not too thrilled about taking otherwise healthy girls to the doctors office for well-baby check ups, etc., ya know?? 

Although Ellie is finished with her speech therapy (yay!), we are still battling Giardia!  I am literally ready to lose my mind.  I'm not joking!  Ellie has had 2 negative lab tests (which is good), but I'm not buying it.  Let's just say the proof is in the 'smell' and leave it at that!  Faith is still showing up positive.  Neither of the girls have symptoms -- which is good -- but the positive results are driving me crazy and the extra precautions with diaper changing, bathing, etc. is just so time consuming and creates a lot of extra laundry.  Can't wait to throw them in the tub together with a bunch of toys and let them enjoy their bath! 

Bath 1

Bleaching the toys

Bath 2
 The girls are scheduled to see an Infectious Disease specialist in February.  At this point, we have refused any further treatment until we meet with the ID doctor.  The girls have been treated eight and nine times, respectively, and I'm not crazy about trying different meds and doses.  I'm sure once we go to the ID Doctor, we will have many other appointments to follow (ugh) although I'm hopeful they can shed some light on this issue.  I'll be happy to have another lab and pharmacy involved, to see if that makes a difference.  Otherwise, both girls are very healthy and extra spunky!  

In March, we will complete our final post-adoption report by our social worker.  After March (which will be one year that we've had Ellie home!!) we will be able to submit the yearly reports our self, without the expense of a social worker (yay!!).  It is fun to do the quarterly updates to see how much Ellie has grown physically, mentally and spiritually.  We are in the process of readoption in our state, but our local court wants proof that the translated documents are true and correct... funny that the U.S Embassy, Immigration, or Social Security office didn't have any issues with the documents . . . just sayin.... ;)  So meanwhile, Ellie is still stuck with the name Geneme Bradley.  The court wanted us to contact the person in Ethiopia that did the translation for a certified/notarized letter.  Um, yeah right.... Anyone that's been through an international adoption knows just how silly that request is!  Hopefully our Agency can help us come up with some type of sworn statement that the documents are accurate.  Geshz.  

We did have some snow recently, and the girls were able to go outside and play.  They loved it!  Of course it took us the same amount of time to dress and undress their layers, as the amount of time we were outside ;)  Guess that's to be expected!  Although I think they both would have been just as content to zip and unzip their coats, buckle and unbuckle their boots and pants and take their hats on and off.... ahhh.. the life of a two-year-old! 

The boys are starting back into baseball and soon that will be in full swing.  For now, we are enjoying our quiet nights at home playing, having tea parties and just hanging out with the boys.  Colton has engaged me in the Ruzzle app, so we've been having Ruzzle games almost every night.  At least it is brushing us up on our spelling ;)  

Two Baxter birthdays are coming up in early February... so I'll be sure to share pictures of that.  "Baby" Faith will be TWO and Dylan will be FOURTEEN!  Yikes... where does the time go?  

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