Friday, December 28, 2012

Jesus vs Santa

We didn't really accentuate the Santa thing this year, and are teaching the girls that Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa.  The girls love Baby Jesus and now think EVERY baby they see is Baby Jesus.  One of their favorite things to play with this season was their Fisher Price Nativity Set.  They have "Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and even the "Wipe" Men"... he he.. so funny, but they are learning.  They also call Mary,  "Mommy Jesus" and Joseph is "Daddy Jesus."  Too cute.

Looking at their "Baby Jesus" book
I also purchased the book, "The Very First Christmas" last year, which was a Hallmark recordable book.  This has turned out to be a favorite for both of the girls because it has both mommy and daddy's voice on it and tells the story of Christmas.  They have other various books about the real meaning of Christmas too.  Those have also been favorites this time of year.

Ellie playing with Baby Jesus 
Faith hiding the "Wipe" Men in the tree
We did have breakfast with Santa and Frosty this year.  The girls were excited, until we approached Santa.  As you can see below, Ellie wouldn't have anything to do with it.  Faith, being her social self, went right to Santa... and then promptly stuck her finger up her nose... ha ha!!  Priceless!  

One thing we didn't get out to do this year was visit a church down the road from us.  They always have a live Nativity Scene.  I love driving through, listening to Christmas music and seeing the REASON for the Season right before my eyes.  Faith was sick this year so we didn't take them out -- but next year it's a must!  

Faith saying she's a little bit excited! 

Waiting to see Santa 

This is as close as Ellie would get

Faith's not so sure!

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  1. So good to see you all doing well. Happy New Year. We are taking the same approach with Noah and Christmas being more about Jesus. I don't think we will be doing Santa at all. Miss you all!