Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Meetcha Day!

One year ago we were in Ethiopia and met our sweet daughter for the first time.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone by.  It really seems like yesterday that we stepped off that plane in Ethiopia.  I can shut my eyes and still hear the sounds and and smell the smells of Ethiopia.  Oh how we miss it so much.

We are also forever grateful for the wonderful connections we made with other families who where there for the same reason.  So glad our paths have crossed and it's been so fun watching their children grow too.

So what's Miss Elliana been up to?  She is literally talking up a storm -- full sentences, answering questions, reasoning and just doing so well at using her language skills.  She says everything... and I mean everything!!    She's very smart and loves to see if she can outsmart any adult!  She loves pretend play and loves to feed her babies, diaper her babies, cook meals in her kitchen, serve tea to anyone who is interested, and fix your hair.  She's also pretty good at operating an Ipad or any piece of technology.  So inquisitive and always wondering how things works.  Her sense of direction is ridiculous!  By ridiculous, I mean she almost has a sixth sense.  She ALWAYS knows her way around and where we are going by the roads we are taking.  It's crazy... she always amazes us.  She also remembers everything... which can be good and bad ;)  We are praying that maybe she can 'forget' about some of her unpleasant experiences early in life -- and pray that she replaces them with warm memories of being 'home' for the last 9 months!  She is a fabulous sister to Faith.  They are just so cute together and Ellie loves to be the 'Mother Hen' looking after Faith.

It's hard to remember a time without Ellie in our family.  So so glad she's here!

Meetcha Day - December 29, 2011

First Morning Home from ET (March 2012)

Christmas Morning 2012 (9 months later)
So happy to have her home this Christmas!! 

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